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Hot Volleyball Nail Art Tutorials and Win Freebies!

Hi daring volleyball athletes! We at Nahdeh have decided to make our Weekly Contest (See our Facebook Page even more fun and interesting! This week, we are going to have you try out fun Volleyball Nail Art that you can easily do at home. If you're a guy volleyball players, no worries, you can still enter the contest by having a friend do it for you! Here's how it goes, we will provide you with a cool Volleyball Nail Art tutorial courtesy of Hotpinkzebrapolish from Youtube. And then you can try it out at home, upload a picture of you and your nails (with your name in the picture so we'll know it's really yours!) on our Facebook page (or...

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Jumping Exercises in the Sand - Preparation for Beach Volleyball Season

As a volleyball player, you might have had some beach volleyball plays in the past. And you know that playing beach volleyball is not as easy as it seems. People watch it in movies, videos, and sometimes even live. Volleyball players make it look easy, when it fact, it is not. Unlike indoor volleyball, you will find no stable ground to land on the sand. This makes it all the harder for the players to find their rhythm and their balance when playing. Here’s the thing about beach volleyball: the sand is one of the many reasons that makes it great. The challenge of playing in an unstable sand is what makes it so exciting. If you are one of...

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Boost your speed - beach volleyball training exercise

Get ready for beach season as early as now! Summer is just around the corner, and you know that along with summer comes Beach Volleyball season! Who’s excited? We know we are. We are pretty sure you are, too. But the big question is, are you fit and all ready for beach volley? As we all know, playing beach volley is a bit harder than playing indoor volleyball. You have no coach to guide you, and then there’s just you and your teammate in the sand… In the sand – that makes it the more challenging. Because you will be playing in the sand where you will not have a great balance on your feet. But no matter how hard...

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A first timer's guide to weight lifting

New to lifting weights? If you’re a sport nut like us, you’re probably not new to lifting weights and training exercises. But still, there’s a chance that you’re not. We understand, your schedule might not be as flexible as you want it to be. Our schedule is not so flexible either! If you are a newcomer when it comes to training exercises and lifting weights, do not worry! We have got you covered. Here at Nahdeh, we do not only have the best equipment you need for sports, we have also got some tips and advices for your daily exercise and sport needs. Today’s main focus is Lifting Weights. You have probably watched a commercial or a movie where someone...

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