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Gelbow Sleeves

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Are you worried about elbow pain? Do you ever get that dull pain in your elbows from just doing your everyday routine, or when you are playing, do you ever get that sharp pain from hitting your elbow too hard? You do not want elbow pain, but what do you do? It is time you discovered GELBOW SLEEVES. There are many elbow sleeves available on Amazon, so why GELBOW SLEEVES? Is there a difference? Absolutely! Just like you, we had pain, and we tried a lot of different foam pads, and nothing worked.

It all starts with protection. Silicone gel is dense and disperses impacts throughout its material instead of into you. Foam pads are initially protective, but go flat, and when foam goes flat, you feel the pain. The gel retains it’s thickness and protection capability for the life of the product, so you will never have the fear your pads will not work. The gel pad forms around your elbow to create a softshell cocoon protecting your elbow from the bumps and bruises you so desperately desire.

Elbow sleeves are great, but not if you can’t wear them. The padding of the GELBOW Pads is 3/8 inches at the thickest part, but since it is a gel, it provides as a lot of protection. The thin flexibility of these pads allows you to comfortably fit them under a long sleeve shirt without anyone knowing you are wearing protection. Being sewn with a comfortable terry cloth lining on the elbow, you will forget you have them on.

If you are wearing these with short sleeves, the attractive nylon sleeve is extremely durable and looks like you are wearing another shirt. You will notice, the GELBOW sleeves do not have our logo on the outside of the sleeve. We started nahdeh ten years ago to offer you the best protection without putting our logo everywhere. Because it is not what is on the outside, but what is on the inside that counts.

Because of the properties of the silicone gel, you know the pad will not lose it’s effectiveness like other pads do, and the knit sleeve is very durable and can take a lot of abuse; however should your GELBOW sleeves wear out in the first 60 days, nahdeh offers a full 60-day wearranty from date of purchase. Just contact nahdeh, and we will send you a new pair for free.


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